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Manufacturing vessels made of plastic for our customers in the chemicals industry and in plant engineering is among the core competencies of
CHRISTEN & LAUDON. When it comes to manufacturing our storage and process vessels, the measure of all things is our permanent and precise quality monitoring, considered as pioneering by the market.
Owing to our many years of practical experience in handling challenging plastics, we can cater for the specific and individual requirements and wishes of our customers.
From storage, filling, handling to manufacture or use – we offer customised solutions in the area of glass-fibre reinforced plastics (FRP) and a combination of glass-fibred reinforced plastics with thermoplastic lining.

CHRISTEN & LAUDON makes no distinction in terms of the manufacture and quality between storage and process vessels.


Storage Vessels

L - Lagerung (storing)
Stocking water contaminating liquids, usually chemicals

A - Abfüllen (filling)
Storage vessel from which smaller vessels or receiver vessels are filled

U - Umschlagen  (handling)
Storage vessel for handling the storage liquid

In Germany, the construction of storage vessel for storing water contaminating liquids must include the general building inspectorate certification of the German Institute for Structural Engineering (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik, DIBt.) We hold the required DIBt certifications for FRP, FRP with thermoplastic liner and PE-HD.

Process Vessels

Process vessels, also called HBV vessels

H – Herstellen (manufacturing)
B – Behandeln (treating)
V - Verwenden (using)

These vessels are used in industrial plants for the above-mentioned processes.
E.g. mixing, filtering, cleaning, sedimenting, pickling, etching, neutralising, drying, etc.




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