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CHRISTEN & LAUDON is at home in many sectors. Our know-how in the areas of vessel and pipe construction and the manufacture of special apparatus make us a strong partner. The tasks are as varied as the sectors and always require customised solutions.


Chemicals | Pharmaceuticals

The chemical sector produces some highly corrosive chemicals and production processes use very corrosive liquids and gases.
Handling, treating and storing of these corrosive liquids and gases often sees the use of plastics as these have very good properties in terms of aggressive media. In light of these very high demands, the chemicals industry attaches great importance on the quality of the products, and hence there are specific work standards for processing the materials and manufacturing the components.
Manufacturing our products according to these work standards has become the norm for us in the past decades.
Most chemicals companies also certify manufacturers of vessels and apparatus in advance and list them as a reliable supplier.
CHRISTEN & LAUDON is listed as a certified supplier with all reputable chemicals companies within Europe.
Steel Industry

Hydrochloric acid storage vessels and process vessels for pickling plants are usually manufactured from FRP. Hydrochloric acid regeneration and exhaust air purification plants in the pickling plants also use vessels, apparatus and pipes made of our plastics. Well-known steel manufacturers and steel processing companies as well as plant designers in the sector have been CHRISTEN & LAUDON customers for many years.
Naturally, our products are also used in many manufacturing and recycling processes in the steel industry. This area also uses many aggressive media, so using vessels and apparatus made from plastics make sense.

Owing to the favourable mechanical properties and the good corrosion resistance of our FRP vessels, these are very suitable for storing and safely transporting slurry. The vessel weight and resulting permissible overall weight is often a very important factor for transport vessels since a light vessel allows larger filling volumes. Continuous development has allowed CHRISTEN & LAUDON to achieve the required know-how for manufacturing light vessels with a high stability.
The FRP transport vessels are often designed for an operational pressure of + 1.0 bar / - 0.85 bar.
As a company certified according to Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EC, manufacturing pressure vessels is one of our many strengths.
We can also supply vessels for storing feedstuffs or liquid fertiliser.  

The environment and associated environmental protection are of high priority for humankind. We only have this one world and it must be protected as our habitat. Our plastics FRP and thermoplastics are used in components in connection with treating and cleaning wastewater, exhaust air and fumes. The vessels often also have to withstand higher temperatures, challenging the material in connection with the aggressive media. Our products are suited perfectly for these conditions and have been tested for many decades.
The longevity of CHRISTEN & LAUDON's products contribute to preserving and conserving our resources and environment.
Leakage-monitored storage vessels, apparatus for exhaust air purification systems, vessels for wastewater retention plans, treatment plants or biogas plants are just some examples of realised projects.



Owing to the excellent properties of the plastics processed by us, this sector also offers many application options for our products. Material properties such as corrosion resistance and physiological harmlessness are also high on the agenda here.
CHRISTEN & LAUDON supplies vessels for treatment plants. Another product is liners with PE or PP panel of collecting chambers and elevated vessels for drinking water.

The food industry is a sector in which CHRISTEN & LAUDON has been active ever since the company was established. We started in the 60s with the manufacture of wine vessels made of FRP for vintners in Germany and neighbouring countries.
Our vessels and apparatus are also required in the food industry.
The manufacturing and production processes require chemicals for cleaning and disinfecting, among others, and these have to be safely stored and applied.
We also manufacture vessels for foodstuffs.
These are predominantly storage and production vessels for liquid foodstuffs such as saline solutions, cooking oils, liquid seasonings and marinade mixes.
Our materials PE, PP and PVDF are certified materials with respect to food conformity according to EU 10/2011.
Polypropylene and PVDF are certified materials according to FDA.

Logistics | Disposal

For our customers in the logistics / disposal sector, CHRISTEN & LAUDON manufactures vessels for storing and safely transporting aggressive and water-contaminating liquids. After collection from the customer, the liquids can be stored, treated and disposed in our vessels. We also manufacture vessels for transporting media, e.g. manure or activated carbon.
For maritime transport, we supply receiver vessels and apparatus.
Electronic Elements

The electronics sector, the chip industry, in particular, uses ultrapure chemicals in the production processes. The demands in terms of purity of the chemicals are very high since impurities can result in production waste, the costs of which would be huge. For this reason, the requirements on the vessels for storing chemicals in terms of possible contamination by the vessel material, particularly the vessel wall, are very high. CHRISTEN & LAUDON manufactures the vessels from FRP with the proven inliner made from PFA (perfluoroalkyl).



Fire Protection 

Fire, an element providing comforting warmth, can also be very destructive. To protect buildings, goods and not least people, fire prevention systems are erected in the shape of automatic extinguishing systems, e.g. sprinklers.
For the sprinklers, vessels certified according to WHG are used by CHRISTEN & LAUDON to safely store the various foaming agent concentrates for the production of extinguishing foam.
In addition, we supply underground and overground vessels for the provision of extinguishing water holding up to 400 m³.

The energy sector is constantly evolving. Technical developments in the energy generation and ancillary facilities through to renewable energies have always been part of CHRISTEN & LAUDON's story.
We started with vessels, apparatus and exhaust air pipes for flue gas desulfurisation in coal-fired power stations.
We developed and manufactured large tubes (diameters of 5 m to 12 m) for letting in the clean gas through cooling towers and chimneys into the atmosphere. CHRISTEN & LAUDON also supplied cooling water pipes.
In line with this development, today, we also supply products for storing energy in the shape of battery sets and electrolyte storage vessels (wind power).