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We, CHRISTEN & LAUDON GmbH, stand for experience and innovation in plastics processing. Developing, constructing and manufacturing vessels, apparatus and components made from glass-fibre reinforced plastics (FRP), thermoplastics and a combination of the two materials, is our business. We have been continuously expanding for several decades and have established a competitive market position, both nationally and internationally.

This consistency, combined with the wealth of ideas and know-how of our skilled technicians and engineers, enables us to take forward-thinking, flexible decisions in the market and to provide our customers with future-focused and customised solutions.
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The majority of our products is manufactured directly at our company's site. This enables us to focus our production on meeting your individual requirements and to guarantee consistently high quality for which our name CHRISTEN & LAUDON stands. Solid craftsmanship plays an important role in the manufacture of our products which have previously also been constructed at our site. Our production success is crucially dependent on our employees, who utilise their know-how and passion for your product every single day.